Why Adults Should Make Time for Fun and Games

“Adulting” is hard – after you finish your work day, stop by Whole Foods to grab groceries, and whip-up a light evening meal, you might have just a few hours left in your day. You may want to plop down on the couch and wind down with some evening television. But if you really want to relax, why not head outside to play? 

Playtime is an important aspect of child development, and it has several benefits for adults, too. It relieves stress and keeps your brain sharp, and it’s a great way to meet new friends. 

Defining Play

Play is any activity you do just for fun and because you want to. So whether that’s playing volleyball, or working on a sudoku puzzle as you lounge by the pool, it counts. Scheduling playtime into your day gives you something to look forward to (which may help you get through those especially difficult workdays). 

A Chance to Unplug

Looking to spend less time with your smartphone? Playing a game outside that requires your full attention will help you unplug. (Some games, though – like a guided urban scavenger hunt – do require the use of a smartphone). 

Expand and Explore

Join an adult kickball league, if you want to expand your social circle and get some exercise. Or stop by your apartment clubhouse to play a game of billiards and chat with other residents. 

If you have trouble finding activities that sound interesting, check out Groupon – it often has a variety of discount offers on a wide range of activities (bowling, fitness classes, escape room adventures, and more).

Use What You Have

At Halsey Flats apartments in St. Matthews, we have amenities that encourage fun. At our clubhouse, residents can play billiards, shuffleboard, or board games with friends. We also have a bright, airy fitness center, and a swimming pool with lounging areas. 

We have multiple floor plans – from studio apartments to three-bedroom apartments – all newly remodeled with updated appliances. Close to Mall St. Matthews and Interstate 64, we’re just a few minutes away from downtown Louisville. 

Halsey Flats is a great place to live and play. Get a closer look. Call to schedule a quick tour: (502) 806-8030.

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