Home Sweet (Rental) Home: Decorating Tips for Apartments

When you live in an apartment, your ability to decorate may be somewhat limited by the terms of your lease. But there are plenty of ways to add color and style to your apartment, without painting the walls or making large nail holes.

Take a look at these decorating tips:

Use Space Creatively

Does your kitchen have a gap between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling? That’s a perfect space for displaying three-dimensional art, such as pottery and sculptures.

Instead of hanging paintings, put them atop a bureau or shelf and lean them against the wall. You can easily move artwork whenever you want and switch-out pieces when you’re ready for a different look.

Peel and Stick

Change the look of an entire wall or room with peel-and-stick murals or wallpaper. This waterproof, washable, and reusable material is easy to move and reposition and can be applied to doors, walls, smooth backsplashes, and smooth ceilings.

Use Removable Hooks

Removable hooks with adhesive backing can hold wall clocks and other objects. If you have mini-blinds and would prefer a pop of color around your windows, use removable hooks and long flowing fabric to create a valance.

Swap Out Fixtures

An easy task that can change the look of a room is replacing overhead light covers, vanity globes, or ceiling fan light covers (just make sure to stow the original fixtures in a safe place).

Add Plants

Houseplants liven up a room and help purify the air. Find some interesting plants and pot them in a variety of colorful, patterned planters. If you have a patio or balcony, plant seasonal flowers that you can cut and bring indoors when you want a pretty centerpiece for your dining table.

Pick a Place With Style

Halsey Flats in St. Matthews has newly renovated apartments with exceptional style – granite countertops and vanities, chic gray-plank flooring, and modern stainless steel fixtures, for example. We’re confident that when you live here, you won’t feel the need to swap out light covers or change the wall color.

Ready to get a closer look? Call us: (502) 806-8030

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